Homeowners insurance provides protection against disasters that may affect your property. The aim of a good homeowners insurance is to protect the property itself as well as the moveable property contained in the property. A standard homeowners insurance should cover the following:

  • the structure of your home
  • personal belongings
  • any liabilities that may arise
  • living expenses in the event that you are displaced from your home

This means that any damage arising from your property caused to other people may be covered under your insurance.

As with any type of insurance, there are exceptions to the type of damages or disasters that may be covered. This can often get tricky and difficult to understand and an agent who works with a specific insurance company may fail to specify the exceptions.

This is why you need a good homeowners insurance broker who understands what different insurance companies and policies cover and would therefore educate you on your various options. Connecticut Insurance Associates has experienced brokers who are willing to help you save time and money while securing the best homeowners insurance coverage to meet your needs.

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